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  American cocker spaniel lovers unite
(American Cocker Spaniel)
For the love of Cockers
Cocker Spaniels rule! Share pics, stories, set up meetings......... [more]   551 join
  Cockers Now, Cockers Forever!
(American Cocker Spaniel)
We are cocker people!
This is a place were you can share the love of... [more]   185 join
  The American Cocker Spaniel Club
(American Cocker Spaniel)
We Are Butterscotch And Daisy Join Today
If Your Are A Cocker Join Today! Blaine, Minnesota, United States  115 join
  DFW Cocker Rescue Group
(American Cocker Spaniel)
Rescuing & adopting DFW Cocker Spaniels
This a group for adoptable dogs from DFW Cocker Rescue, dogs... [more] Dallas, Texas, United States  31 join
  Cute Pups
(American Cocker Spaniel)
*-Cute pups!*
Any cute puppys who want to join....... Nassau, Bahamas  22 join
  Cocker Spaniel Walk
(American Cocker Spaniel)
Local Walks
Finding local adventures for our dogs Oakland, California, United States  14 join
  Buff American Cocker Spaniels Rock!!
(American Cocker Spaniel)
Buff Cocker Spaniels are Gorgeous!!
Buff Cocker Spaniels are Gorgeous!!   8 join
  Dogs Best Friends
(American Cocker Spaniel)
Playing is a Rough Job, but Somedoggies gotta do it. Valley Stream, New York, United States  7 join
  Cockertown: Where Cockers rule!
(American Cocker Spaniel)
Cocker Spaniels Rock!
If you are a Cocker, and you want the perfect Cocker... [more] Georgia, United States  6 Invite Only
  Calling all Cocker Spaniels! Bark! Woof!
(American Cocker Spaniel)
Cockers rock!
If you have a Cocker Spaniel, this is the group for... [more] Georgia, United States  5 Invite Only
  Cocker Spaniels of the world UNITE!
(American Cocker Spaniel)
we are cukoo for cockers!
We are cukoo for cockers!   2 join

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