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Dog Sports - Agility, Flyball, Disc, Obedience, and More!

Forum for All Things Dog Sport!
Frenzied for Flyball? Anxious about Agility? Revved up for Rally-O? Come on in!
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September 17 , 2006

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New! Clubs in New Haven, CT area
2/26 1:41pm
7/06 1:21pm
I miss you pups, what's everyone doing? Please post updates.
12/10 3:16pm
2 place
7/24 10:57pm
4/23 7:34am
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»North American Flyball Association
»Canadian Association of Rally Obedience
»Agility Association of Canada
»North American Dog Agility Council
»International Disc Dog Handlers' Association
»Canadian Amateur Racing Association
»Canadian Kennel Club
»American Kennel Club
»World Canine Association
»Canine Cards
»Dock Dogs
»Clean Run
»Flyball Dogs
»Calming Signals Communtiy
»Flying Dog Press
»Say Yes Dog Training
»Whole Dog Journal
»The Bark
»Calling All Pets
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Group Photos


Dock Jumping

Remy's first competition. April 2006.

Remy LOVES the camera!

Teagan weaving

Bertie jumping

all mihkoa's accomplishments so far!

2004 world champ aero

aero again!

jazzy... visit disc connected canines online

mihks 1st FL trial

lovin the see saw

too fast for the camera!

more see saw

more see saw

Ginger on the a-frame

a little herding

mihks got air! just tryin stuff at home...

look weve invented a new sport... DISC*GILITY!!

Perfect Contact

Oreo Bringin um in

Git on there!! (Oreo)

D.O.G after his first downed bird

Piper FMX

Jack jumping!!! weeee...

Coby's first tunnel

Bella's Jump(practicing for Agility)

Tucker's First Jumpers Run

Canine Freestyle-Risa

Baxter playing disc

Baxter's favorite sport!

Owen the jumping fox terrier :)

Abbey the weaving fox terrier

Shadow Posing by the Weave Poles

Storm heeling in Novice Obedience

Storm doing the broad jump in open obedience.

Gio heeling in Rally-O

Romeo heeling in his first Rally-O funmatch

Gray Dawntreader having fun with the tunnel. I think he just does it for the praise he gets.

Gray Dawntreader having fun with the tunnel. I think he just does it for the praise he gets.

Abbi intensely weaving (still haven't lost the tongue yet!)

Look at me go! And at age 9 too!

It took me 3 years to learn to catch a Frisbee, but I can do it like it's nothing now!

Romeo's flyball box turn

I don't do herding competition, but I herd Treader sometimes

Layla's Herding Adventure

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