Dog Breed Photo Game

How well do you know dog breeds?

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Test your doggie smarts by correctly selecting the pictured breed.

Pick a Level to Start Playing

    Get started with the 25 most popular breeds. 1 point per correct answer.
    Try your luck with some well-known and not-so-well-known breeds. 2 points per correct answer.

    Experts only! Any breed possible. 3 points per correct answer.

Earn Zealies Prizes!

Win 25 Zealies for every 1,000 points you score, up to and including 10,000 points. Each player can win a max of 250 Zealies. After that, it's all about top leaderboard rankings... and bragging rights! (Please note, multiple user accounts are not allowed.)

How Scoring Works

Your score reflects your all-time number of correct answers. A wrong guess does not affect your score, though we do keep track of how many total questions you have tried.

Improve Game Quality

If a photo is unclear (two pets are shown, pet is out of focus, no pet in photo, etc.), please click on the link below the photo entitled, "Click here if the photo does not work for this game." Your score will not be affected and this will prevent the photo from being used in the future.

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