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Born In July
Barked: Sat Jul 9, '16 7:40am PST 
HI Dogsters, Old & New;

I came to screen shot all the pages I have left and make our final bow out. We stopped coming here during the first 'Dogster Is Over' fiasco; maybe, yes, most definitely even before that.

I was reading the Diaries, too. Remember the days of the Halloween Bash? I loved that contest so much. Loved seeing all the costumes and gathering prizes. Those were the good old days. I loved the Pet Poetry Group and all the talented woofs/paw parents there. So many many wonderful pawsitive times.

With the passing of my late husband and then Dutchess shortly after, I lost my desire to be here. To me those were the most heartbreaking times. So much has changed both here and in life since then. I find it hard to stay in touch with anyone. Though, in my heart, I loved you all!

NovRain1962@gmail.com if you want to keep in touch. I do have Facebook still, but in all honesty, it's for family only. I do not like Facebook.

Now that this is permanent, I just wanted to say, it's been a real pleasure. I wish I could have spent all these Zealies. Seems wasteful that those will all disappear and that our DogsterPlus Memberships are worthless; money wasted. So many of us supported this place for years. How many memberships did I give away as gifts; for what? I guess all things come to an end. It's sad that it can't be remembered as the power house it once was.

God Bless You Each and ALL and may your furbabies have the best years of their lives. Enjoy life, love lots and eat that dessert for breakfast!!

There's only two left of my Nebraska Pack.
Kota now 15
Deuce now 10 (as of today)

It was a pleasure to know so many wonderful people here!!
GOOD BYE from Deuce, La*Kota, Gunner (RIP), Kasper (RIP), Dutchess (RIP), Joy (RIP), Sadie (RIP), Rowdy (RIP)

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Barked: Sat Jul 9, '16 8:20pm PST 
There are many pups that are at this forum now, and all are welcome: http://dogsterfriends.freeforums.net/

Do you want to- play with me???
Barked: Mon Aug 8, '16 6:12pm PST 
Many other have gone to www.pets4pals.com , we did even redo groups from hereway to go