Can't add dog. Need help

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Barked: Sun Jun 21, '15 1:30pm PST 
Hi everyone. New kid on the block here. I joined a few weeks ago and couldn't post until today for some reason......

Any way, Now that I can post, how do I add a dog? When I click the link in my account to add a dog it takes me to a page with an article from 2013 about an antiquated canine jaw bone. No matter which link I click for adding a dog it takes me to that page.
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Barked: Mon Jun 22, '15 2:39pm PST 
Dogster is currently undergoing a complete revamp and is being moved to a new platform.
Because of this, it is expected it will take some time before photos, etc., will be back to normal.
You are not alone, this is the same for all of us. Hang in there, it WILL be better soon!

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Barked: Tue Jun 23, '15 6:57am PST 
Great. Thanks for the heads up.

Is there a time frame for this forum upgrade? God, I hope they're moving it to VB!


Barked: Tue Jun 23, '15 2:19pm PST 
That's what we'd all like to know. Wish they'd send email updates like they used to. People keep telling me to go into the all paws bulletin group for all the updates, but it's a pain in the tail to get there all the time. frown
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Barked: Sat Jul 4, '15 8:57pm PST 
Well you know Yoshi.. its the same pain for everyone.. so.... it just has to be ... make the effort.

People cant keep running after others. Guess folks just have to make the effort.

Also.. they at HQ have enough on their plates just trying to keep the site afloat the past 2 years.