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Barked: Fri Oct 23, '15 9:35am PST 
She needs to be placed asap as I can't afford to meet her needs any longer. If I can't place her by the end of November I will have no choice but to surrender her to the humane society I feel she deserves better than that for all she has done for me.

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Don't leave me- alone
Barked: Fri Oct 23, '15 9:38am PST 
I am sorry the wrong picture is visable but if you go to the link her picture is there.

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Barked: Fri Oct 23, '15 9:54am PST 
WOW!! complicated for me but I figured it out the photo is now the correct one


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Barked: Mon Oct 26, '15 8:51pm PST 
Have you tried contacting any Cocker rescue groups? They might be able to foster her, especially since she is a retired service dog.

Barked: Tue Oct 27, '15 8:09am PST 
Desi, what's going on Hun? Is there anything we could do for you so you won't have to rehome her?

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Barked: Mon Jan 4, '16 9:12am PST 
I have tried cocker rescues here in florida, I have tried the humane society, I have tried animal services, they all say to put her down because of her issues and 3 veterinarians have refused to put her down because she has too much life left in her. She is over due for a haircut my clippers burned out I can't afford to buy newe ones and I can't afford a groomer. her meds have all run out and I can't afford to get more. I am stuck between a rock and hard place with her. no one will take her vets won't put her down and I have no money to maintain her.
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Barked: Tue Jan 5, '16 4:27pm PST 
I found a list of Rescues on the internet in FL. Hopefully, you haven't contacted these people and maybe one of them can help you. I hope a few are close to you. Good Luck!

Big Dog Ranch Rescue
Animal Rescue Service
10948 Acme Rd
(561) 309-3311

Heidis Legacy Dog Rescue
4 reviews · Non-Profit Organization
3102 Nichols Rd
(813) 737-1795

Florida Boxer Rescue
2 reviews · Animal Rescue Service
(888) 612-5782

(18) · Animal Shelter
6101 A1a S # 101
(904) 460-0556

Marrvelous Pet Rescues
Animal Shelter
99900 Overseas Hwy
(305) 453-1315

Abandoned Pet Rescue Inc
Animal Shelter
1137 NE 9th Ave
(954) 728-9010

Gainesville Pet Rescue
Animal Rescue Service
5403 SW Archer Rd
(352) 692-4773

Emerson Kennels
(5) · Pet Sitter
2364 Emerson St
(904) 398-5786

Nate's Place Retail & Adoption Center
No reviews · Pet Adoption Service
8437 Cooper Creek Blvd
(941) 538-6204

SPCA Florida Adoption Center
Animal Shelter
5850 Brannen Rd S
(863) 646-7722

Animal Refuge Center
Animal Shelter
18011 Old Bayshore Rd
(239) 731-3535

Animal Aid Inc.
Animal Shelter
571 NE 44th St
(754) 223-5378

Animal Rescue Coalition
Animal Protection Organization
6320 Tower Ln
(941) 957-1955

Professional Animal World
Animal Shelter
710 Jackson St
(772) 589-7297

North Fl Animal Rescue Inc
3 reviews · Animal Shelter
16800 Co Rd 137
(386) 963-1295

Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue
No reviews · Animal Rescue Service
Naples Trace Cir
(239) 434-7480
Kali earned- her wings- 10/21/14

She's game for- anything that's- fun.
Barked: Thu Jan 7, '16 4:27am PST 
You might also try this website I found on line:
Hope it helps.