Dog ramps for going up and down stairs?

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Has anyone ever purchased a dog ramp for their dog who struggles to get up and down stairs?

I had a senior dog several years ago (he passed away last year at the ripe old age of 16) and in his late years he would often fall or be very afraid about going up and down stairs (even just a couple stairs up and down from the front door).

We tried rough edged paper so he wouldn't slip on the steps, but I don't know why I never thought to buy a ramp - has anyone tried this?

Since starting my dog care blog, I wrote a guide to dog stairs/ramps for senior dogs, since it's something I wish I had read when I had my senior dog.

Note: I think ramps are better for dogs who can't get up and down stairs, while dog stairs are really more for preventive care, since it's not great for doggie joints to dog all that jumping on and off sofas/beds/cars, etc. The stairs are probably also good for smaller dogs.
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HiwaveThe stairs didn't really work for us since Peter is too long. he couldn't get his back feet up the step. We returned them and I was going to buy a ramp but haven't yet. I just pick Peter up when I need to since he's small enough but I can def see the ramp/steps coming in handy for a big senior doghug
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I tried that with Duchess so she could get in and out of my SUV easier but she wouldn't use it so I returned them. I had to resort to lifting her in and out which wasn't easy since she was about 95lbs. Since we have another car in the family, we just ended up using the car to take her to the vet instead of trying to get her in and out of the SUV. I don't know if that was just her though or if other dogs take to the ramp much easier. Maybe it's best to start training them to use it earlier on. We started using it with her within the last year or two of her life.


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Hi, I had a puppy mill rescue who had no idea what stairs were. She couldn't get up or down them. My husband built her a ramp for the outside steps and they worked like a charm.

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@Duchess Thats a good idea - train them on the ramp early so that they get used to it!

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Dog stairs and ramps help senior or ailing dogs as well as dogs with joint or hip problems such as arthritis. Your dog needs much less effort to climb up to your bed or couch resulting in enhanced comfort. There are several dog ramps reviewed everywhere but make sure you get the right size: https://breedingbusiness.com/best-dog-ramps/

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I used a ramp for my car, and found that I had to entice the dog to go up with treats and lots of praise, and practice over and over again.