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This is the place to share your best homemade dog food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your dog's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.


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Hi. I'm new to homemade dog food. Moose recently had a mast cell tumor removed and I'm concerned about commercial dog foods and want to feed him nutritious food and help his immune system at the same time. He's kind of picky about the commercial food anyway, and we've tried quite a few from grocery store to high value. After a few weeks he'll turn his nose up at kibble. I made my first batch of homemade last week and he just loves it, but I'd like some feedback to see if this recipe is balanced? I found it online and changed it just a little. Thank you in advance!!

Moose is a 5 yr old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, currently 116 lbs (could prolly stand to lose 10 lbs)

10# raw hamburger
12 c pureed, cooked beans
1 dozen eggs
2c wheat germ
4c rolled oats
6c cooked brown rice
2c cooked sweet potato
8c water
4c cooked mashed vegetables (green beans, pumpkin, broccoli, carrots)
6 T. garlic powder
1 T. salt substitute – ‘No Salt’ for potassium chloride
6 T. kelp granules
3 T. parsley
3 T. turmeric

Mix together and bake 350* 1 hr

He gets 16 oz. of "meatloaf" twice a day which is about 2% of his body weight. I add 1/2 tsp. egg shell powder and 1 tbsp. ground flaxseed twice a day. Also he gets a tin of sardines per week.
The recipe lasts about 2 weeks.

I think maybe he should have some liver also for Vitamin A but not sure how much? I'm also not sure if I need to add something for vitamin E?

All recommendations are welcome! Thank you!

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edited to add: Tried to give him some raw turkey necks but he resource guards things like that. He took it out into the yard to "kill" it and didn't eat it for three hours! He's also a gulper so I'm afraid he'd end up with a perforation.

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A lot of food! This would feed little Ginger for 100 days.

Dogs may not be obligate carnivores like cats but they do need a lot of meat. Max weighed 35 pounds and needed as much of a large number of essential nutrients as an adult human packed into 600 calories a day. You have the calcium covered but nearly every other essential nutrient is extremely low for 14 pound Ginger's needs. There isn't even enough phosphorus or protein for her.

There is about 11.5 pounds of meaty stuff and about 15 pounds of plant food not even counting the water added to hydrate the oats and bran which adds 4 pounds. Half meaty stuff is a MINIMUM for dog food!

I'd start cutting the plant foods in half and adding in that beef liver, just about a pound of it. I'd use bone meal for calcium and phosphorus at a rate that provides 1000mg calcium per 1000 calories. I'd use pureed greens in place of the mixed veggies for vitamin K. You can double the NoSalt if it provides 550mg per 1/4 tsp, 1/2tsp if it is more than that. I'd add in 7 ounces of oysters for zinc and lots of other minerals. I'd add 4 ounces of ground brazilnut for selenium. Adding 3/4 cup of wheat germ oil would bring E up to snuff but I just use a supplement. Not sure mixed, baked then frozen oil would hold the E or not or if that adds up to more calories my dog doesn't need.

If you have lots of this nice smelling stuff then make up another meatloaf with just meat, liver, egg and these supplements and substitute maybe 1 pound of the old recipe for 1 pound of that.

It is still far from a perfect diet as it is still low in quite a number of essential nutrients but it provides 50% and above rather than 25% as you are feeding now. Are there any ingredients in there special for a diet for a dog with this type of cancer? That is why I didn't just toss and go with something I know works better.

Garlic is only needed for flavor, it contains a substance that causes anemia in dogs if fed in really huge amounts which this isn't. I'd cut back on it to the point it just makes the food smell good if you need to use it especially with the wonderful smell of liver in the food!

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Thank you so much Ginger for your response! This was something I found online and added in flax seed, turmeric & sardines as I read those were helpful in boosting immunity. So we're not married to it in any way. All suggestions are welcome. Tried to give Moose some chicken liver the other day and he took it outside to kill it and it's still there, frozen in the snow. Don't see him ever eating raw. He loves the meatloaf and having premade makes it so much easier to store and serve. I have to mix it in a 5 gallon bucket!

I'm making another batch today, so I will cut the veggies down and add a lb. of liver I have in the freezer. Also sub frozen spinach. I'm going to order some bone meal for the next batch as I'm not sure where I'll find it locally(does it have to be specific for dogs?). Finding oysters might be an issue also...

I really appreciate all your input!



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Just canned oysters. My local GS has several brands even.

Ginger wasn't thrilled about kidney. She loved the smell and rolled in it for a couple days, then she mouthed it and finally ate it. I was just giving her a tiny bit and Max cleaned it up so it wasn't wasted anyway.

Flaxseed bothered Sassy and I have avoided it since but it is good for some dogs. Sardines good, even better if you can find unsalted ones but those usually cost the earth. You can use salmon or mackerel as well.

Okay, I will post a recipe that works out to be more balanced to see what you think.
This one is pretty good. Add water to cook the oats plus that little bit of sardine and oysters is a good idea. Maybe it would be even better with ground beef.
Yup, it's better for Ginger except too many calories, I'd have to use leaner meat.

I'll work on my pressure cooked chicken recipe as right now it needs minerals added. One puts the whole bird into a pot and cooks until meat is done. Bone it, reserve meat and broth for later, return bones to pot and add fresh water and cook long and slow. Bones will be soft enough to pierce with a fork inside 24 hours. Put the bones and cooking liquid through a food processor or blender until a smooth gravy/paste and mix with the meats. Pretty nifty. It takes equal amounts of beef, pork and chicken and it lasted Ginger for about 3 months.


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Thank you! You are a wealth of information!! I'm going to try that recipe next. Interesting about the cooked pureed bones. Then I wouldn't need to find bone meal?

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There is always the Westie Diet (not just for Westies):

Took Phoebe from 6 to 23 pounds smile

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Theres too much Carbs i would think, Rice, Potato, sweet potato, dogs dont need so much carbs. I would cut down on rice.

Sweet Potato contains more than enough Vit A and Wheat Germ will provide all the Vitamin E. What you need to balance out is Omega 3. probably some fish oil supplement will be great.
http://www.eunique.com.sg/products/mercola-krill-oil-for-dog -catshigh-in-omega-3-600-sprays

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