Taste of the wild, 4Health, or Victor for senior dog?

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Barked: Thu May 19, '16 8:35pm PST 
I'm looking for a reasonably priced grain free dry food food that is good high quality..I'm currently feeding my 11 year old Rat terrier Wellness core reduced fat and she was doing good on it for awhile and lost all the weight she was gaining from the other Wellness formula she was eating, but lately has been getting soft or lose stools and is also gassy..She use to be excited to get this kibble and now doesn't seem so excited about it anymore..I was looking at the brands TOTW,Victor,and 4health and they seem to be a really reasonably priced and had good reviews but not sure which to go with..Wellness is starting to get too expensive for me at this time..Chewy.com has really good prices on some of these dog foods too..Anyone had good luck with any of these brands?blue dog
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Barked: Wed May 25, '16 6:46am PST 
I have heard of both foods and both are quality dog food. I have personal experience with TOTW and my beagle loved it. It is reasonably priced too! way to go

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Barked: Tue Dec 13, '16 4:19am PST 
I like Nature's Logic. You can get it at Chewy, too.
Canned & Dry, both good. Small, firm stools.