Loose aggressive Great Danes and chihuahuas

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There are some people on my street that own 2 Great Danes and 3 chihuahuas. These people are never home but keep all the dogs outside when they are out eventually a dog will get out even I know that. When my niece was visiting last week she was walking back to my house from a park that is built in our sub division. The male Great Dane was lose along with 2 of the chihuahuas now these dogs are aggressive especially the male Great Dane is known to bite and would attack someone. I was terrified when she told me about what happened the Great Dane seen her began to bark and began to charge towards her it stopped a few feet away and continued to bark and growl with the 2 chihuahuas near him barking also. Luckily a neighbor of the Great Danes owner was outside and distracted the Great Dane and ran towards it causing him to run away. The Great Danes neighbor stayed outside and watched the Great Dane making sure he didn't follow my niece or try to attack her. The chihuahuas where following and barking but when she would turn around they would start to run away. I called animal control as soon as she told me this. I gave them the address of where the dogs where at . The dogs had left the area completely by then. My question is what are some things to do to catch this dog? Not the first times he's been lose I've had an encounter with this dog myself only he backed off because I was not afraid and used a very loud voice and stood my ground while yelling get out of here! It caused him to lose interest in me and contained to wander down the street. Me and some neighbors are tired of this persons dogs they are dangerous and causing neighborhood children to be afraid to play in the front yards of their own homes. This should not be the case at all please help! I'd hate to find out he's attacked an innocent child or that both of the Great Danes get loose and maul someone. Let me add that I am very irritated with animal control when i brought Sophie home after I adopted her someone called animal control on me it had to be a neighbor that seen me walking her saying they had seen no rabies tag on her. I was very upset because the only tag she had on her collar was her rabies tag really people? Animal control came to my house saying I needed to bring in proof of her rabie shot or I'd be fined I did bring it in the next day and was fine. The problem is they where quick to bother me but when there are lose aggressive huge dogs terrorizing the neighborhood not a word is said to the Great Danes owner. This is the reason I'd like to catch the dog and have animal control come pick him up my neighbors are feeling the same exact way.

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Since you have dogs of your own and have said that this dog is aggressive, I would not advise you try to capture the dog. If these dogs are not vaccinated, you face infecting your own home and dogs with anything from parvo to intestinal parasites, and you face being bitten, or having your dog bitten. If this dog isn't vaccinated for rabies and you get bitten, you face a serious and life threatening illness.

When did you call animal control? It generally takes 2-24 hours for animal control to respond to a call, depending on the urgency of the situation. There are definitely animal control offices that are sub-par, but keep in mind that it sounds like you've only contacted them once, and there may have been a more pressing call, like a dog attack or a seriously injured animal that needed pick-up.

My suggestion would be to video tape the dog running at large, and if possible, video tape the dog acting aggressively, visit the animal control office in person, and show them the tape. Don't touch the dog, and don't try to bring it into your home or garage. It's very unlikely that they'll confiscate the animal on the first trip, it will take a few citations before they remove the dog from the home.

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I would carry bear pepper spray. Bear, because it has a wider area spray and you don't need to get as close.