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My friends wife has a 11 year old female Toy Fox Terrier. The dog weighs 14 pounds and is fed 5 times per day and allowed to put her paws on the dinner table so she can eat human food from the dinner table in addition to being given a full bowl of dog food five times per day. This dog eats all her poop and another dogs poop and poops inside the home on the carpet several times per day. When she does that her owner rewards her by giving her a treat. The dog steals the other dogs food out of the other dogs food bowl. If the owner tries to stop this action the dog bites her owner including biting on the owners face. When that occurs the owner gives the dog a treat and then picks it up and gives it more treats. To summarize the dog poops several times on the carpet and bites the owner who rewards the dog with treats. Because the dog is twice the normal weight she has a hernia and the owner thinks it's just fat.
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Some people just shouldn't be dog owners.......silenced