Pug Dogs

Pugs once jaunted around the palaces and lounged on the laps of ancient Chinese royals. And this is exactly what they’ll do—with relish—in your home. If you happen to be relaxing on the couch, your Pug will rest happily join you. But they are far from lazy. Pugs are alert and attentive, following their owners from room to room and always ready to play.


Pug Pictures

  • Pug dog named Pez D. Spencer
  • Pug dog named Max
  • Pug dog named Wilson the Pug
  • Pug dog named Merle
  • Pug dog named Rocky
  • Pug dog named Blackjack
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Quick Facts

  • 14 - 20 pounds
  • 12 - 14 inches

Ideal Human Companions

    • Singles
    • Seniors
    • Families
    • Playful people

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Trademark Traits

    • Short stature
    • Stocky build
    • Black muzzle and curly tail
    • Perky and fun
    • Great with kids
    • Tends to snore and snort

What They Are Like to Live With

Pugs seem to get along with anybody—especially those that give them lots of attention. They love being cuddled and petted so much that they can get jealous or troubled when your affections are devoted to someone else. Most Pugs get along with children well, being patient and always ready to play games. Either way, they love being around people and would rather have your company than be left alone. On that note, they are curious and intelligent enough to get into mischief around the house or yard.

Good watchdogs with a healthy bark—not yappy—Pugs also happen to be very charming hosts. They will greet usually your guests with a prompt and perky welcome.

Things You Should Know

Because they have a flat muzzle, Pugs tend to snort, snore and wheeze when fluid gets caught under their palate. These situations usually sort themselves out. Their wrinkles need to be cleaned regularly, since they gather debris.

Pugs like an ambient temperature. In cold weather, they can quickly catch colds. In hot weather, they can overheat and die. Air-conditioning is recommended.

They will do perfectly fine in an apartment, not needing a yard or lots of room to be happy. Make sure to ration their food and give them plenty of exercise or they will become obese, causing a shorter lifespan and other health problems.

Pugs are dignified animals and expect to be treated that way. Angry words or severe training could hurt their feelings.

Pug History

Pugs have murky and mysterious origins. While everyone agrees that this is one of the world’s oldest breeds, no one is sure exactly how old. Some claim that Pugs were shorthaired version of Pekingese and fixtures among royals in the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 B.C.), while others say they’re actually a small kind of French Mastiff or Bulldog. Today, most authorities agree that the Pug originated in China as early as 400 B.C. The name “Pug” is also mysterious. It could either come from a pet name for marmoset monkeys or from the Latin pugnus, or “fist.” Many Pugs were brought to Europe after the British invaded China in 1860. They received AKC status in 1885 and have been popular dogs in America ever since.

The Look of a Pug

You definitely know a Pug when you see one. Pugs have a short, stocky, “cobby” frame, a round head with a flat muzzle and round, dark, bulging eyes. Their wrinkled brows give them a kind of concerned expression, and they have velvety dark ears that fold down. They have straight, long limbs, giving them a sprightly step, plus a single- or double-curled tail at the end. Pugs have a smooth, soft coat that comes in black, silver, fawn and apricot.

Talk About Pugs 

Pugs will surely make you smile

Pugs are the best, they love without condition. Their silliness is enduring, and you can always be sure a Pug will always want to make you smile. Sure, they're not the best looking pups out there, but to me they are perfect in every which way. From the way they turn their heard when you talk to them to the way they carry themselves around others. Pugs are the greatest dogs you can own!

~Wilfred B., owner of a Pug

They'll stick to you like glue

I love my Pug because she is so much fun, so intelligent, and has such a great personality. She listens intently to everything anyone says to her. Anytime she hears anything she is not familiar with, she tilts her head like the puppies of most breeds do. However, the delightful thing about pugs is that they don't lose this cute trait when they are grown; they do it all their lives.

She is a real clown and we often call her "Velcro Pug" because she sticks to us like glue. She likes to be near us at all times and gets frustrated when we are not both in the same room. She likes to keep tabs on us, wanting to know what we are doing at all times. Whenever she thinks she is not getting ample attention, she will sit in front of us, staring at us, and then will bark in such a way as to start a conversation.

~Betty S., owner of a Pug

Comical, lovable little dogs

I adore Pugs. Pugs are actually little people, or so they think. They are so comical and each have such a unique personality that will make anyone smile. Once you become a Pug person, you'll be hooked. There is not one day that goes by that my little Pug, Lily, does not do bring laughter to our family. And she's everyone's best friend, adored by all who meet her. They are actually very smart and will do just about anything for a treat.

Yes, they will follow you everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. They love for you to talk to them and tilt their heads to the sound of your voice, but tend to get their feelings hurt easily. They snort, grunt, make all sorts of unusual sounds and need lots of care with their wrinkles, ears and eyes, but the joy they bring to your family is like no other.

~Tammy R., owner of a Pug

Snore like a cyclone

Pugs are perfect, hefty little furry rectangular boxes of love and devotion. They are lazy, eat like pot-bellied pigs, and snore like a cyclone.

They have an impeccable ability to find bits of food anywhere, pick out and convert the one person who says they hate dogs, and sleep in the geographic center of the bed. They also dutifully accompanied me to visit our mom in the hospital, letting me know it was time.
Jumping joyfully into the car to make a drive I dreaded every weekend. Even with three years' advanced Alzheimer's, she always knew them and hugged them.

Lucy's past, with her mom now. Max is with me. They are not just dogs, but also a portrait of love and devotion.

~dotti, owner of a Pug

Kisses morning, noon and night!

I have a Pug named Prince, and he is the sweetest, most loving animal I have ever owned. He gives me kisses morning, noon and night. He loves people and gets along with all animals including our cat, Toby. He doesn't bark a whole lot and he follows me all over the place and never lets me out of his sight. He does sneeze a lot because his breed gets allergies and colds in the winter, and in the summer he does get hot and I know when to cool him down because his tongue will get really long and swell up. I never had a Pug before, but after having Prince I never want any other kind of dog again.

~Tammy H., owner of a Pug

The highlight of our day

I take care of my sister's pug, Chloe, who we have had since she was a baby. She is the highlight of all our days. Out of the blue she will roll over on her back and flip like a chinchilla on my bed, pushing all my pillows to the floor! Afterwords, when you're ready to choke on laughter and you manage to tell her no, Chloe leaps onto your lap and begins licking you nonstop as if she is bribing you not to get her in trouble. Ya gotta love em'!

~Abigail M., owner of a Pug

I'm in love!

After having Golden Retrievers and Labradors for years, Rambo, the Pug pup came into our lives and we are in love. So cute, so clever, always next to you, loves to take a ride in the car, warns when someone's at the door, plays with the cats - we are deeply in love with our Pug.

The only problem that he has are itching issues. We visit the vet but the itching stays. He is turning rounds then, and barks at his tail. We are now going to find another vet for a second opinion. It's so strange: when Rambo is out, the house feels empty. We love him.

~Jeannette, owner of a Pug

They love to be loved

I have a Pug named Daisy May, she is a sweetheart but so full of energy. I had heard people say this breed lays around and does nothing - that is as from the truth as you can get! They are full of energy and fun and will make you laugh all the time. They snore up a storm, but it is soothing now to me and when I don't have her with me, I can't sleep.

Don't get scared off, they are the best doggies ever. I know I wouldn't have nearly as much fun in my life or as many laughs if not for her. She has a big brother Seth who is Lab/Dane mix and they are always together, the best of friends. But well, actually, everyone is her friend.

~Judy T., owner of a really special Pug

Like no other breed

I own a fawn Pug named "Oh Brother!" and his name suites him well. When I first laid eyes on him I fell in love, but he was a mess. We are his 3rd and LAST home, and he did have a few bad traits (from lack of training), but we got all that worked out, and he is doing great.

But he is like no other Pug I have seen. He lives with a Pit Bull (his best bud), an Aussie herding dog, and a Chihuahua. They all play together, and Brother has taken on a Big Brother role to the little one. We take Brother camping and fishing, he loves hiking and being outdoors. He is also a lap dog. He does follow me around everywhere, but all and all I wouldn't trade him for the world! He's our little clown. You have to be active for this breed, they love to play! And they love to kiss.

~Susan H., owner of a Pug

A great vacuum cleaner and foot warmer

I have a little fawn Pug named Wrinkles. She is 7 and still has the energy level of a puppy.

She is the vacuum cleaner in the kitchen, the best foot warmer ever on a cold day, and the best sleeping buddy ever (even if she does steal the warm spot)!

She is the highlight of my day. When I come home from school she is always sitting at the door, patiently waiting as if she's been there all day. She wags her tail and seems to ask, "How was your day?" She is a clown and is glued to my heels. Her feelings get hurt easily if I yell at her, so I never can bring myself to do so no matter what she's done.

~Janie R. , owner of a Pug