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  • Age: Adult
  • Sex: Male
  • Size: Medium
Blue, an adoptable Rat Terrier

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More about Blue: In the rescue world, we experience so many good stories, but then, also too many gut-wrenching ones like this ... Blue and his son Itty Bit are two sad examples of a situation that shouldn't have happened. In a nutshell, Blue and Itty Bit are purebred rat terriers that were used strictly for breeding purposes their whole lives, not kept as family companions. They lived on a patio in a backyard, and received little attention or love because they were simply a business venture. Their lives were pretty much devoid of human contact except for their daily feedings and then, from what we understand, the food was just thrown to them. This near-isolation from humans resulted in them now being very shy, distrusting, and unsocialized. They've never known the love of a family, nor the security of an indoor home. Blue and Itty Bit were rescued in 2012 after their original owner died, but, sadly, their new owner's health declined and she can no longer care for them. They are gentle dogs, just shy and very unsure of themselves. Blue and Itty Bit are looking for a patient, experienced person who will continue to work with them, help them gain confidence, and hopefully help them become better companions. They will benefit greatly from appropriate obedience training, socialization, and especially, love. Born in 2004, Blue is an 18-pound purebred tri-color male rat terrier. He is now neutered and fully vaccinated (DHPPV and rabies). For more information, please contact Lisa at (831) 393-1944, (831) 214-5536, or; she's helping Blue and Itty Bit's owner find appropriate homes for these two deserving dogs. This is a courtesy posting.

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