Dogs & Cleaning

Keep dog stains and odor off the couch and carpet for good.

Isn't it amazing how the cuddliest creatures on earth can also leave the smelliest messes inside our homes? We're talking old puppy pee stains, liquid messes only an upset canine tummy can cause and pet hair everywhere. We know cleaning up after our pets isn't anyone's favorite thing, and that's where our dogs and cleaning section comes in. We've compiled lists of the best products and home remedies to help arm you in the face of doggie clean-up disasters!

Talk About Dogs & Cleaning

Try a Good Enzyme Remover

If you have old urine stains, try a good enzyme remover such as Nature's Miracle. You may need to let it soak on the stain for a while, since the stain has been there a while. Use enough to get through to the underpad of the carpet. I would let it set for about 20 minutes and then blot it up. You may need to repeat this a couple times, but it should work. I have gotten old "hidden" stains out this way, and swear by this product to remove everything from urine, vomit, blood and those nasty poop accident stains.

Kim T., owner of a Bernese Mountain Dog

Pee Stain Removal on Hardwood Floors

If your dog has stained the hardwood floor, it will have to be sanded down to the bare wood and then cleaned, dried and then refurbished. Pet stains that soak into the hardwood will not come out from what I've seen. You will have to have someone come out and cut the piece out that is bad then replace and re-wax the piece and possibly stain the wood to match the original floor board.

Linda M., owner of a German Shepherd