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Best food recommendations for our new puppy?

We get to bring our new puppy home on March 9th and we want her to be on the best food possible. She is a female red merle mini Australian Shepherd…

ASKED BY Member 1256049 on 2/2/16
TAGGED food, nutrition, puppy IN Food & Nutrition


How big will my rottweiler mix get?

Hi my pup is mixed with rottweiler and pitbull ( i think the pitbull is mixed she looks mixed in my opinion but they say she full pit ) my question is…

ASKED BY Midnight on 7/25/15
TAGGED breed, growth, fur, rottweilier, pitbull, pitweiler, puppy IN Breeds

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Will my pitt/rotti mix grow as big as a rotti?

Hi I recently got a pitt/rotti mix (though i cnt see the pit in her) i love her but i've been getting some crap about her lookin like a mongrel my…

ASKED BY Member 1249603 on 7/23/15
TAGGED breed, rotti, pittbull, pitweiler, puppy, grow, rottweiler IN Breeds

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Is there something wrong with my puppy?

I have a 7 month old border collie puppy named Shola, who we desexed about 3 weeks ago. Shola is completely housetrained, so the accidents aren't…

ASKED BY Member 1249361 on 7/15/15
TAGGED health, sick, puppy, urinating IN Illness & Disease


Can someone tell me what breeds my puppy is?

Axel is about 3 months old, and his mom looked like a chihuahua mix. I'm just curious to see what you guys think he's mixed with.

ASKED BY Axel on 7/13/15
TAGGED puppy, mix, mutt, breed IN Mixed Breeds

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What food is best for a dog with a history of crystals in his urine, constant ear infections, and frequent shedding?

My name is Sarah and my little guy's name is Bubba. He will be 5 months old towards the end of August. We discovered that he had crystals in his…

ASKED BY Member 1249231 on 7/12/15
TAGGED food, shedding, earinfection, puppy, crystals IN Shedding


Poodle/Berner mix pup randomly bites, lunges, growls. Why?

He is a great pup most the time, passed puppy kindergarden, but he has these random fits where he lunges and growls and bites. It has only happens…

ASKED BY Tuck on 7/10/15
TAGGED random, dog, puppy, bites, biting, growls, growling, snarl, snarling, bernedoodle, wontwalk, walks, plops, pancakes, behavior, training IN Behavior & Training

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6 month old bernedoodle randomly lunges, snarls, and bites me, rips my clothes while on walks. Why?! How do I stop it?

He is a great pup most of the time, passed puppy kindergarten, but he has these fits where he lunges, growls and bites. It has only happened with…

ASKED BY Member 1249108 on 7/9/15
TAGGED lunging, biting, bites, lunges, snarls, growls, random, puppy, bernedoodle, refusestowalk, pancakes, aggression, walks, walk, ripsclothes, behavior, training, help IN Behavior & Training

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