Does it cost money to adopt an animal?

I want to adopt an animal, but I am 17 years old and not sure if it will be extrmely expensive or not.

Asked by Member 512063 on Oct 9th 2007 in Other Puppies
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Adopting a dog or cat does cost money. The price varies depending on the adoption organization. Keep in mind that you are never paying for the animal itself, you are paying for the services that have gone into the animal (such as a spay/neuter surgery, all shots, sometimes even being microchipped).

If you cannot afford an adoption fee anywhere from $35 to $200, you will have a hard time caring for the animal. Food costs money. Health care costs money. Taking a dog to a training class costs money. Getting a dog groomed costs money. Just getting basic supplies can add up.

Maybe you can get your parents to pitch in with all of that as long as you pay the adoption fee. All organizations that I am familiar with will not adopt out to anyone under 18 anyway.

Good luck!

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Jasmine, ThD(TDI), CGC

Adopting an animal is usually significantly less expensive than purchasing one. However, each shelter and rescue group will have their own adoption fee.

When checking with the shelters and rescue groups in your area, ask them what is covered by the adoption fees they charge. Some shelters will include a spay or neuter, and all shots and vaccinations. Some shelters and rescue groups will not include that, which means that after you adopt the dog, you will need to make a trip to the vet and pay for these things out of pocket.

It never hurts to do your homework. Look at the different rescue groups in your area, ask them about their adoption process, what is covered by their fees, and about the specific animal you're looking at.

As mentioned in another answer, most shelters and rescues will not adopt an animal to anyone under the age of 18, without parental permission.

If you're not sure what rescues and shelters are in your area, check

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