Does anyone know any Coton de Tulear rescue group?

I've been really wanting a Coton de Tulear, and don't worry, I've been researching for a number of years and they are the PERFECT breed for us. However, I also really support rescuing and adopting shelter dogs. I looked up Coton rescue groups in Canada, and I can't find any! I found one in Texas, but I live in Ontario, Canada! I'm currently in contact with a couple of wonderful breeders, one I have met her dogs, and I am meeting the other dogs soon. My dad is also insistent on a puppy for some reason, and he's actually letting me get one after years of pleading and I don't want to push it. I'm in a sticky situation. I love mature shelter dogs, but my parents love Coton puppies. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Cotons, but I know how many dogs are in need of loving homes. Please Help!

Asked by Member 762235 on Feb 13th 2009 Tagged coton, de, tulear, dogs, shelter, rescue, adopt, adoption in Shelters & Rescue
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Try visiting their club website - It is the American club website, however they do have a North American club, but I couldn't find a direct website on that. This website will allow you to contact breeders and mentors, and hopefully one of them will have a reference for you in Canada. Best of luck!

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I wanted a Coton just like you. (got a Papillon instead and am happy day my Coton will come along) Anyway. Talk to the Breeders in Texas. I agree about rescuing animals, but I ended up paying a little for my Papillon and found out after going to pick her up that I really was rescuing her. The family hadn't even given them shots or had them wormed! If you explain the situation, the breeders will probably work with you regarding shipping you a puppy. If you are only looking for a pet and not a dog for breeding, you may be able to get a good deal on a pup and good breeders are usually hoping to find GOOD HOMES for their pups. You never know what might happen to the pups who aren't "show quality". You might be rescuing a puppy without knowing it!
Hope this helps,
Nancy in SC

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I have a coton that I rescued that needs a good forever home...he is 4.5 years old and a wonderful lapdog! he actually gives hugs and love to watch american funniest home videos. I have to place him as soon as possible as I have a litter of american bulldog puppies coming soon. This boy is already potty trained and neutered as well. Please call me if your still looking. My number is 815-271-1781, my name is Terra. I live in Illinois so the drive should not be to bad for you as I will not ship him.

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The USACTC does not actually have a rescue. Please check out these other rescues and make sure to check on for Coton de Tulear rescues.

Best of luck!

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